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  • Rubberband, LLP user centered design services look to solve specific problems of specific communities without alienating them from a wider global community. In Rubberband, LLP we work as an interlocutor between our client as his or her clients. A case study of Rubberband, LLP methods in action is the web design project (pribopr.com) done with the Puerto Rico Instructional Basketball Organization (PRIBO).

    The first step in the process was ethnographic research, which implied visiting the final game of one of PRIBO’s tournaments; to observe the services PRIBO provides for the kids playing basketball, their parents, coaches, trainers, and referees. Informal interviews were done in able to address the needs of every stakeholder, which was every person involved in the project directly or indirectly. All of the activities of the day were photographed and filmed. Also, a comparative analysis was done of the web sites of local and international basketball leagues to study their strengths and weaknesses.

    The findings from our researched revealed that: first, parents needed to have immediate access through mobile devices to game schedule or venue changes, as well as game scores. Second, coaches wanted the leagues’ rules to be available online in order to improve the relationships between themselves and the players’ parents. Such features needed to be designed in an intelligible way that considered the different levels of education and access to technology of the users of the website, and with special attention to legibility to make the content accessible to everybody, from the kids to their grandparents. With developer Jean Carlos Lausell, we designed an online dashboard that allowed administrators to post on the site game schedules and scores in real-time.

    Through information architecture, done by Nora Maite Nieves as main designer, we established the hierarchy of the different types of content and organized it in three menus.

  • PRIBONora Maité  from RLLP and Rubén from PRIBO

    Main designer Nora Maité Nieves from RLLP and Rubén Ortiz, PRIBO's Sub-Director at information architecture meeting.
    The collaborative relationship between the PRIBO and Rubberband, LLP teams, allowed us to learned about the visual sensitivities of different communities, as well as, strategies used by the PRIBO league to communicate large amounts of information to their members.

    PRIBO’s website had a great reception by the end users, in part by the intuitive and user friendly way in which the social media features were integrated. The result of Rubberband, LLP’s work, partly helped PRIBO’s administrators to get more sponsors for their events, and a doubling in the amount of clubs in the league. PRIBO has become a returning client.

    Project date: March 2011 | Art Director: María de Mater O'Neill | Main Designer: Nora Maité Nieves | Designer: Arthur Asseo | Developer: Jean Carlos Lausell | Assistant Researcher: Cristina Tossas

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