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Design and Disaster

Polimorfo, academic journal for the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University. Publication Design 2018. We conceptualized and developed visual communication strategies (copy-writing, photography, design and production). In...

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Digital Culture

Mental Models for Nature-UX Design

The client, Tiguere Corp. (2013-14), is a design studio. The client wanted to identify how to transform a project of a particular client of theirs into a digital opportunity. We used various methods, like Agile, from a Design...

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Co-designing with Cancer Patients

This was our creative director and head researcher’s personal project: Proyecto C (2010-13). “I wanted to co-design a system, a community of knowledge, for people to share their resilience stories concerning how they handled...


Doctors, Patients and Their Shared Space

The client, M&P Radiology (2012), now Pavía Breast & Imaging Center, is a high-end technology and healthcare service provider concentrated in cancer prevention. They wanted to audit their communication skills regarding...


Cooking and Storytelling

The clients, the Azize-Vargas family (2010), have Lebanese heritage. They wanted to publish their family cooking recipes. We approached this work by eating with the Azize-Vargas family and listening to the their family stories...