Improving Service

Yogurt from the Design Perspective


The client, Froyoworld of Puerto Rico, wanted to audit their services (2013).
talking bubble azulThey sought to identify the motivations of their customers when visiting their establishment in order to replicate the same operational services in their other franchises.
It was a Service Design project that involved the use of Design-Led Research in order to determine how to collect, evaluate, understand and improve the experience of users and employees.


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O’Neill, as head researcher, designed and adapted Touch Points, Journey Events and a Service Blueprint for the design staff to extrapolate motivation, brand belief, perception, and users’ habits.

By adapting ethnographic methodology, the research’s findings can clarify the problems and opportunities in performing tasks with a given product; instead of the designers staying away from the user, Rubberband tries to always integrate both in the design process. Because, like art, design is a way to build and acquire new knowledge.

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About the author

Jose Roa

BA in Arts from the University of Puerto Rico (2000). Administrative Assistant at Rubberband since 2013. Roa has worked at Galería Botello (1996 - ); Escuela de Artes Plásticas (2012, EAP); Ballets de San Juan (1992-94); and Casa Candina (1990 - ). He has co-organized exhibitions for Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, and has collaborated with filmmaker Sonia Fritz; Amigos EAP; Museo de las Américas, and visual artists such as Myrna Báez, Víctor Vázquez, Jorge Zeno and Arnaldo Roche-Rabell.