Scientific Infographics

The client was the Puerto Rico Energy Center (2010) of the Sistema Universitario Ana. G. Méndez.
talking bubble azulThey requested infographic panels for their K-12 student visitors.
We worked as interlocutors between scientific researchers and students, articulating hard science data into everyday conversation. Architect Andrés Mignucci collaborated in this project.


talking bubble amarilloFrom a series of conversations with the client, I could understand the scientific concept and research they were doing. Right from the start, I asked them: “What is being done here? What is it?” Other key questions were eventually used to design in a straightforward manner, and to not overwhelm the resulting infographics explaining their research as well as the Casa Solaris, a sustainable house at the Turabo University Campus. We needed to clearly understand in order to properly synthesize, enabling the young visitors to also understand the concepts and research. Science projects have followed us; a few years after this project with the Puerto Rico Energy Center, we moved from sustainable energy to nanocience.

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Dr. Maria de Mater O'Neill

Twenty-five years of experience in art and design education. Award winning painter and designer. Author of Practice-Based Doctoral research “Developing Methods of Resilience for Design Practice”, a design model to improve real time resilience thinking for designers under stressors. She is a Fulbright Specialist Roster candidate.